This service connects you with all the mightiest talent available in the Twin Cities area to fulfill virtually any of your multi-media needs. Below is a short list of examples of areas the talent I work with excel in. 

Whatever your project, there are candidates who can help solve all your challenges. Whether you are working in a traditional studio environment or in an entirely digital space, retaining top talent is always a significant hurdle. For this reason, I employ a deliberately narrow focus in order to find the best talent available to meet your creative demands. The scope of projects can vary widely. Contracts range from one to ten or more people at a time: anywhere from a lone photographer to a full-scale video crew. 

Clients who have used this service to fill contracts and crew positions include: MTV, Chase Entertainment, The Current, Doomtree Records, First Avenue, Lauryn Hill Music, Media One Advertising, Modist Brewing Co, Nikon Inc, The Ultimate Rap League, KPT Music, Polkadot Mayhem, and more.

Video Production


VFX/Motion Editing

  Design & Illustration

Using Format